Elders and Staff



D Broome

David Broome

Dale Alden

Dale Alden - Education

Dan Cottrell

Dan Cottrell

Jimmy Campbell

Jimmy Campbell - Security, Youth

J Cottrell Elder

John Cottrell

Cost Deacon

David Cost - Benevolence

Lee Glasscock

Lee Glasscock

J Davis Deacon

Jimmy Davis - Fellowship, Youth

Ronnie Jackson

Ronnie Jackson

John Dees

John Dees - Health & Wellness


Clint Oppermann

Doughtie Deacon

Chris Doughtie - Youth

Rhodes Elder

Jeff Rhodes

Graham Deacon





Chris Graham - Day School, Office Administration





Ryan Haedge

Ryan Haedge - Advertising

Aubrey and Lisa Johnson

Aubrey Johnson- Minister

Johnston Deacon

Dewayne Johnston - Buildings & Grounds, Youth


Miller Minister

Andy Miller - Family Life Minister

McCullough Deacon 

Phillip McCullough - Education

Lovett Minister

Cody Lovett - Youth Minister

McKnatt Deacon 

Len McKnatt - Day School

Katie Vanderpool

Katie Vanderpool - Secretary

Meade Deacon 

Michael Meade - Technology, Youth




Melton Deacon 

Alex Melton - Worship

Laura Meade

Laura Meade - Director



Matt Potts

Matthew Potts - Building & Grounds

Mandy Chitwood

Mandy Chitwood - Assistant Director

J Pratt Deacon

John Pratt - Missions


Cullen Rogers

Cullen Rodgers - Advertising, Technology



Waggoner Deacon

Thomas Waggoner - Missions


Dan Winkler

Daniel Winkler - Education